F*** The How

The Future Only Exists In Our Minds

When someone you love has a serious disease, our mind often goes to dark places when we think about the future. We imagine terrible things. We try to “prepare” ourselves for the worst case scenario. We think that if we don’t know exactly how he is going to recover, than we can’t believe it. We want to know the details before we commit our belief.

Wanting to know the how beforehand is the problem. If you knew how, then you would already be doing that. So, you have to believe in the outcome you want without knowing how you will achieve it.

I was listening to Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School Podcast called “Believing Hard.”  In it, she talked about how the most important time to believe is when all the evidence is to the contrary. This is when our commitment to our beliefs matter most. This is what she called believing hard.

Today I decided to believe that my husband will be cancer free by Christmas this year. I have NO IDEA how that is going to happen. I decided to f*** the how.

With disease, we want the how to come from our doctors. However increasingly in our modern times, there is disease that doctors don’t know how to fix. Gone are the days when your primary care doctor had all the answers. Our environment and bodies are simply too complex and a doctor simply can’t have all the answers.

You have to commit to focusing on your goal, even when, and especially when the doctor doesn’t know exactly how.  When you focus your mind on the goal, you will be open to answers that may come from somewhere you never expected.

This is as true in seeking recovery from cancer as it is in finding your dream job or reaching your ideal weight.

So go ahead and f*** the how! Commit to your belief.  Believe hard – no matter how difficult it gets.

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