Waking Up To My Life

Some days do you wake up thinking how did I get here?

I just watched a sweet movie where two middle aged characters strike up a friendship and connect over how they each feel they have wasted the last 15 years of their life. They had gone numb and were hiding from their life and their self. They were repeating the same unhappy life over and over again.

What Happened To All The Possibilities?

It got me thinking how when we are young its so easy to see possibility and all of life is before us. Then you wake up one day and think, this is my life? As if you don’t quite understand how you got here.

Gone Numb

I remember very distinctly that was how I felt. I was basically happy. Good marriage, wonderful daughter who could be challenging at times. Good paying job. But I’d stopped dreaming. I’d stopped setting any goals for myself. I’d stop growing. In many ways I felt trapped and a victim of my own mundane life. My husband’s cancer recurrence caused both of us to look deeper.

My Wake-up

When I learned about The Model and that how we think about the events in our life is our choice and I learned that half of life will be crappy, and half will be great – it was a game changer for me. I can honestly and proudly say that in the last year, I have grown more, learned more, become a better parent, become a certified life coach, all while still handling my husband’s cancer. It’s all because I was willing and still continue to do the work on my self.

In the end of the movie, the two characters help each other to wake up to their own life and start seizing on new possibilities.

Not Just In The Movies!

Have you been numb to your own life? Have you been consumed by being a caregiver of someone with cancer to the exclusion of all else? Wake up to your own life!  I can help.

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