Who Do You Want To Be?

Strong, loving, present, grateful…

When we are kids, we get this question all the time. Grownups ask us, “who do you want to be when you grow up?” We spend time thinking about it and we don’t hesitate to dream big: “An astronaut, the president, a ballerina!”

We don’t think about this question as adults, though we should. I’m not talking about dreaming of a new profession either. I’m talking about who we want to be in our daily life.

Don’t Look To The Past For Your Answer

Most of us look to the past to see who we’ve been. Perhaps in the past we were fearful or afraid to take risks. Or we were ran from our emotions by over eating or over drinking. Or we were so focused on the future, we forgot to enjoy and appreciate the present.

The past does not determine who you can be in your future. You determine that!

Who I Want To Be

I find that I get caught up in the doing of each day. As a cancer caregiver and currently medically single parent, there is plenty to do. Then I realized that often I can’t wait to get through the day, just so I can relax. When I have time to relax, I don’t know what to do with myself! It’s a crazy cycle.

Here is who I want to be now in my life with my daughter and my husband who is battling cancer.

I want to be strong and resilient.

I want to feel all my emotions and not hide from them or suppress them.

I want to be present and grateful for what I have in my life.

I want to make decisions with confidence.

When my husband got cancer the first time, I was not all of those things. This time I want to be more.

Who You Want To Be

Really ask yourself this question. A good way to think of it is imagine yourself in five years looking back at this time in your life. Who do you want to have been? When you know your answer, it will help to ground you when you encounter all the ups and downs that come with being a cancer caregiver. It will remind you of what is important.

Inspire Others

I’d love to hear who you want to be! Leave a comment below and tell us. Perhaps you will inspire yourself as well as others!

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Want To Be?

  1. Again Marika, , brillant encouragement & steps to goal offered to choose to be our best.. I actually try (miss now & then) say out loud each morning as stretch each compass point direction, just my ritual.. ” North, South, East and West… in myself and others, everywhere, always, help me to bring out the best”… + the Prayer of St. Francis… Thank you Marika, and great tool to go forward to return to the here and now.

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