This is my life?

How did my life end up like this? 

This was not how it was supposed to go. 

This should not have happened!

Home Town Burned Down

Recently my home town burned down. Quite literally. The Camp Fire destroyed my parents home, my sister’s home and countless other homes of friends and family members. A town of 30,000 people, virtually wiped out. 

How Could This Happen?

The loss of my parents home, a home I grew up in where they lived for 43 years was especially difficult. That home represented security and comfort. As an adult, that home was like a refuge from what ever challenges I faced in life. Most recently, it provided comfort when I needed to get away from the stress of dealing with my husband’s cancer. When the Camp Fire wiped out my childhood home, I found myself thinking, how could this happen?

Your husband gets cancer. Your home town burns down. These are things we just don’t expect to happen in our life. When we get married, we have this image of growing old together. But instead, someone gets cancer, or there is a fatal accident, or we get divorced. Out life does not take the path we expect. 

Have you ever wondered why we expect our life to be a series of happy and fortunate events? So much so that when bad things happen, we think something has gone wrong. It shouldn’t be this way. This shouldn’t happen.

This resistance only causes us more grief.

The Good With The Bad

Life is the good and bad. There is not a single person on the planet who hasn’t experienced a mix of the two. Husbands get cancer. Childhood homes burn. Nothing has gone wrong here. This is all part of life. The human experience. 

Discovering Our True Mettle

We all have a choice. We can question why? We can rage against God and the universe. We can feel sorry for our self. But this solves nothing. And changes nothing.

Or we can stop resisting the bad and instead focus on what is really important. Asking ourselves who we want to be when adversity comes our way. Do we want to be a victim or do we want to discover the true mettle we are made of?

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