Being Present

Are you going through a particularly difficult time right now with your spouse’s cancer treatment? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about when it will be over and happy times will return again? Or perhaps you are reliving happy memories of the past, you know “BC” – before cancer. Sometimes it can feel like any time is better than the current one. It can be really difficult to just be in the present moment.

I Wish…

I have been working on my own ability to be present for quite some time now. I will catch myself dreaming of a better time when…

Recently, on a beautiful Spring Sunday, I was out playing my favorite sport Pickleball and feeling grumpy and angry because of my insomnia the night before. Of course, this affected my game and I was not playing very well, causing me to feel more frustrated. I just wanted to feel better!

Then I recalled how many times I’ve sat at my desk at work on a beautiful day wishing I could be out enjoying the weather with friends. Here I was in that very situation and instead of appreciating it I was complaining!

In The Moment

Just be present, I told myself.

Sure enough, bringing my focus to the present moment with the sun, and friends, and being physically active lifted me out of my mood. Who cares that I didn’t sleep well? By being grumpy and frustrated about it, I was missing the joy of the current moment!

It’s All We Have

As much as we plan for our future or reminisce about our past, our entire life will only be made up of present moments.

Truly, the present moment is all you will have.

Is can be so easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “it will be better when…” The truth is, life will always have some good and some bad. The details will change, but the elements will remain the same.

Your husband’s health may improve, but then there will be something else to be concerned over. You may get the better job, but challenges will crop up. It’s the way of the world. There will be both good and bad.

Beauty Of The Moment

When we are living in our past, or so focused on a better future, we miss the beauty of the moment. We miss the sweet exchange between a father and daughter in the midst of difficult chemo treatment. Or we wish away the struggle of our child through his challenges with his friends. We fail to be present and connect to the ones we love.

We miss the beauty that exists in the struggles of life as well as the triumphs.

It’s all part of the deal we signed up for.

I urge you to notice when you are wishing away the present moment. I challenge you to embrace it – good or bad.

Remember, the present is all we have!

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