How To Cope When Feeling Confused By Different Treatment Options

In our modern world, we are constantly confronted with choices. What cereal to buy, where to bank, what program to send our kids to, what health care plan to choose, what type of phone and plan to pay for, what TV show to watch… 

Nearly everything in modern life has options and requires us to choose between them. 

Health Care Decisions

Health care is no different. Depending on the situation, you and your spouse may be faced with a time when you have to choose between different treatment options. Generally, this is a good thing. A person may choose conventional treatment, or seek out alternative options. There are different health care clinics and doctors to choose between.  You could choose to stay in your own country, or seek treatment in other countries. So many options to choose between. It can feel confusing and overwhelming. 

Making The Right/Best Choice

At the same time we are faced with these choices, we want to be sure we are doing the right thing, making the right choice, choosing the best treatment. 

We have this belief that if we just pick the right option, things will work out. We grow up with this concept in our society that there is a right way and a wrong way, a right path and a wrong one. As children we are taught that we need to find that right path and take it. Later in life, we look back on the choices we made and judge them as either good or bad, right or wrong.

It’s no wonder that we are often confused! We are facing potentially life changing choices and in the back of our mind we are telling ourselves that we have to pick the right one!

Our Thoughts Cause Confusion

Confusion doesn’t just happen to us. It is an emotion. Like all emotions, it comes from a thought we are having. Often we may not realize the thought that is causing our confusion, but it is there. Usually, it includes some version of… I don’t know.

I don’t know what to do!

I don’t know where to start!

I don’t know how to do it.

I don’t know why this keeps happening.

When we think thoughts like the ones above, we feel confused. We do more research and think about it more. We debate and discuss, ask others for their input. We put off making a decision or taking an action. The whole process is exhausting and stressful.

Wanting To Make The Best Choice

We feel confused because we want to know which option is best. The problem often is, there is not a clear “best” choice. Some doctors will tell you one thing and others will tell you something different. If you get online, there will be all sorts of research, opinions, and anecdotes for the best treatment for cancer. Not to mention the number of books professing cures for cancer! 

Confusion Blocks Us

The emotion of confusion will block you from your own wisdom. It will keep you in doubt and fear. You will want to look outside for the “right” answer. It will keep you stuck.

How To Know What’s Best

Let’s think about how we judge what is best. It’s a decision. That is it. Someone looks at options and decides what is best. 

Really think about that. 

A decision is a thought that you choose to think.

Thinking it is the best decision is also just a thought.

Let it sink in for a moment. 

You Get To Choose How You Want To Think About Your Decisions

Did you know you can simply decide you are going to make the best choice? That is an option to you. You are the judge of what is best, so you can decide you are going to make the best choice with the information you have. 

Research, Decide, Then Commit

Instead of telling yourself you don’t know what is best, tell yourself you’re going to make the best decision. 

After you decide you will make the best choice, then do your research and talk to doctors from a place of confidence. You can make the best choice. When you make a decision, commit to it. Don’t look back and second guess yourself. If things don’t turn out as you expected, you make a new decision. 

Can It Be That Simple?

For little decisions or big ones, you can decide you will always make the best decision. This keeps you from confusion and judgement and keeps you moving forward. There simply is no upside to thinking you made a bad decision. We make decisions with the information we have at the time. There is no way to know in advance how a decision will turn out. They either turn out as we hoped, or turn out differently. Telling yourself you will make the best decision will keep you moving forward.

Go ahead and make that decision! You got this!

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  1. Good advice, Marika. Now you can follow up how not to feel guilty in hindsight when you think you made the wrong decision in your life. It always seems like a guilt trap so easy to fall into. G


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