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I’m Marika Humphreys and I’m YOUR Life Coach!

I have literally been where you are. 

I know the difficulties and the emotional roller coaster that you are on. 

I understand the feelings you have, even the ones you don’t want to admit to yourself. 

I know how valuable it is to have someone who understands, yet can help you see outside of your own misery. 

I am that person. 

I am now on the other side of where you are. 

I have been through the fire and because of the coaching I received and the tools I learned I am now stronger than I was before. 

I had the courage to pursue my dream, move to a new place, live my best life and not let my husband‘s cancer and even his death define me. 

I am in control of my destiny because I have the skills of emotional resiliency. 

And that’s exactly what I will teach you.

Coach Marika

I’m in YOUR corner, so you can be in theirs!