Take Charge Of Your Emotions Instead Of Them Being In Charge Of You

Sometimes our emotions get the better of us. That can happen a lot when your partner has cancer. It doesn’t have to be that way when you understand what an emotion is, where it comes from, and how to handle it so you can be in charge instead of at the effect of your emotions.

Busting Beliefs that Keep you Stuck — And Finding Acceptance when your Partner has Cancer

When our partner has cancer, sometimes we can develop beliefs that argue with the reality we face. This keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. Learn how to bust these beliefs so you can find acceptance when your partner has cancer.

Going The Distance with Cancer – the Difference a Coach Makes

We don’t know what the future holds when we have a partner with cancer. All we can do is develop the strength and resiliency to handle what ever comes our way. That is where a coach can help and make all the difference in this journey for you.

How to Support a Spouse or Partner During Cancer Treatment by “Holding Space”

One of the most difficult parts of supporting a loved one with cancer is know what to do they are in pain. Often, you feel powerless to help. In this article, learn a simple technique that allows you to support them while also being calm and present.

Introducing Caregiver Tip Videos!

Caregivers! I am excited to introduce my new Caregiver Tip videos! Each video is short, between 5-10 minutes, and designed to give you a quick tip or insight that you can incorporate right away. Check out this week’s Caregiver Tip video entitled All or Nothing Thinking. If you enjoy and get a lot of valueContinue reading “Introducing Caregiver Tip Videos!”

Partner Has Cancer? Why You’re Focused on the Wrong Thing

We want to be at our best when we have a partner with cancer. However, many of us are actually focused on the wrong thing and feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious much of the time! Read on to learn why this is and what you can do about it!

6 Steps to Defining Your New Role When Your Partner Has Cancer

We are not always prepared to take on the role of caregiver for our partner when they get cancer. Often, we try to do and be everything and it gets exhausting! Learn 6 steps to defining this role for yourself so you have a guidepost for the tough times.

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