Introducing Caregiver Tip Videos!

Caregivers! I am excited to introduce my new Caregiver Tip videos! Each video is short, between 5-10 minutes, and designed to give you a quick tip or insight that you can incorporate right away. Check out this week’s Caregiver Tip video entitled All or Nothing Thinking. If you enjoy and get a lot of valueContinue reading “Introducing Caregiver Tip Videos!”

Partner Has Cancer? Why You’re Focused on the Wrong Thing

We want to be at our best when we have a partner with cancer. However, many of us are actually focused on the wrong thing and feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious much of the time! Read on to learn why this is and what you can do about it!

6 Steps to Defining Your New Role When Your Partner Has Cancer

We are not always prepared to take on the role of caregiver for our partner when they get cancer. Often, we try to do and be everything and it gets exhausting! Learn 6 steps to defining this role for yourself so you have a guidepost for the tough times.

Changing The Way You’ve Been

When our partner has cancer, it can act like a magnifier of all our strengths and weaknesses. We may find that now our anxiety which was always there, is now almost debilitating. In this post you’ll learn that you can unlearn these behaviors and practice new ways of being that will serve you during this difficult time as your partners caregiver.

Do You Believe In Your Partner’s Strength?

How much do you believe in your partner’s ability to cope with their cancer? The answer to that question could mean all the difference in your ability to support them over the long term. This post tells you why believing in them serves you and your partner.

Coaching or Therapy: How to Know What’s Right For You as a Caregiver

Your partner has cancer and you realize you need some support too. Who do you see, a therapist or a coach? This post talks about the similarities and differences between the two and how to choose what’s right for you.

When Caring Feels Like Obligation

Sometimes caring for your partner can feel like a chore. This feeling of obligation can crop up even when we have the best of intentions. But there is no need to judge yourself. Instead, get curious! This post teaches you how to uncover the real reason caring is beginning to feel like obligation.

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