Three Pillars Of Resiliency

Today’s Challenges Collectively, it seems like we are faced with more daily challenges than we’re used to. The social and societal impacts of COVID 19 alone have added more stressors to everyone’s life. From kids navigating e-learning, parents schooling and working from home, limited available options for socializing, having to learn new tools to doContinue reading “Three Pillars Of Resiliency”

Why Resilience Is Important

The Human Struggle We all face hardships and adversity in our lives. It’s part of what we sign up for in our human experience. Some people grow and become stronger from their struggles, while others collapse and struggle to get fully back up. Lessons From My Grief Recovery Class When my husband passed away fromContinue reading “Why Resilience Is Important”

I’m So Alone…

The Beliefs That Don’t Serve Us Sometime during the caregiving process, we begin to have recurring thoughts. Thoughts that feel terrible. We start thinking things like: This will never end. I can’t keep doing this.  I’m so alone. It’s not fair.  I have to take care of everything. It’s too much. It happens subtly, andContinue reading “I’m So Alone…”

Taking Responsibility For Our Decisions

Decisions Made For Us Our lives are full of choices and decisions. We are making them constantly. We decide what to buy at the store, what to make for dinner, what time to get up, what doctor to see. These are just some of the decisions we make consciously.  There are a lot of otherContinue reading “Taking Responsibility For Our Decisions”

Time: Making It Or Wasting It?

Time The one thing we all wish we had more of. It often seems like our time only decreases as we get older. When our husband has cancer, there is even more on our plate… more tasks and responsibilities demanding our time and attention. Our first response is just to add more to our list.Continue reading “Time: Making It Or Wasting It?”

How To Handle An Unknown Future

When cancer enters our life, all of a sudden all of our plans are thrown out the window. We enter this world of permanent uncertainty. We can’t even make new plans. That would mean we know how our husband would be doing in 3 weeks. We don’t even know how he’ll be doing in 3Continue reading “How To Handle An Unknown Future”

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