Why You Need to Stop Hoping

Let’s Talk About Hope   For the last two weeks I have been waiting on the results of a scan my husband got recently which will show us if his cancer has grown and how much.  I feel like it has taken forever to get these results and the only good thing about that isContinue reading “Why You Need to Stop Hoping”

Getting To Know Your Anxiety

I’ve dealt with anxiety for most of my life. When I say dealt, I actually mean I’ve tried to avoid feeling anxiety for most of my life.  I can remember in college binging on a bag of Oreos just so I could numb the anxiety I had over an upcoming test. Anytime I felt anxiety,Continue reading “Getting To Know Your Anxiety”

Cancer as a Circumstance

What exactly is a circumstance?  Here is the definition I found on Google: circumstance: a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action Is your husband’s cancer a circumstance?  Look at the definition above and really think about it. I’m guessing that a variation of one of these thoughts came up: OfContinue reading “Cancer as a Circumstance”

Some Days Are Just Going To Suck, and That’s OK

A year ago this month, here is what I wrote on caringbridge.org for my friends and family: The realization set in that we are going to have to go through the whole cancer process again. We did that two years ago with his arm and right now it seems overwhelming to have to go throughContinue reading “Some Days Are Just Going To Suck, and That’s OK”

Your Manual For Your Partner With Cancer

If your partner has cancer, you may have found yourself thinking some of these types of thoughts: Why can’t they take better care of themself? They should really be more positive! They should not get so stressed out, it’s not good for them! More than likely, you have strong opinions about how they should beContinue reading “Your Manual For Your Partner With Cancer”

How to leave the oncologist’s office feeling determined instead of hopeless

Are your husband’s doctor’s appointments preceded by days of feeling a combination of emotions from anxiety to dread to hopefulness? Do you often feel powerless and are both fearful and hopeful for whatever you might be told?   The first appointment my husband had after we learned his cancer had metastasized I remember feeling anxietyContinue reading “How to leave the oncologist’s office feeling determined instead of hopeless”

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