Feeling Unappreciated

“I just want him to appreciate me.” Seems like such an innocent and even a reasonable thought. You work so hard and handle so much. Sometimes you just wish your spouse would acknowledge all that you’re doing for him and your family. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated!  Other People Perhaps it’s not yourContinue reading “Feeling Unappreciated”

His Difficult Behavior

Problems In Your Marriage  If you have been in your marriage for any length of time, there are areas of your relationship you probably find challenging. Even very good and solid relationships have problem areas. That is normal because we are all human with our own thoughts and opinions. Of course no two people getContinue reading “His Difficult Behavior”

Stressing In Advance

Excessive Worry About Something Before It Happens We are all well familiar with stress. It is part of modern life. This is why most of us are seeking to have less stress in our lives. That elusive quest… Stressing Before It Actually Happens What about when we are stressed out in advance of difficult circumstances?Continue reading “Stressing In Advance”

Caregiving & Negative Thoughts…

Have you found yourself thinking any thoughts like these? This sucks!  He is so difficult sometimes! I want my life back… is that selfish of me? I have no time for myself… How We React To Our Negative Thoughts Usually when we have these types of negative thoughts we respond in a couple different ways. Continue reading “Caregiving & Negative Thoughts…”

Can’t Attend His Appointments Anymore

A Way I Could Support Him Attending doctor appointments with my husband was always important to me. My husband was never good at relaying what the doctor had said. Sometimes I think he had a hard time focusing because often the news was emotion provoking for him. I needed to be there to ask questionsContinue reading “Can’t Attend His Appointments Anymore”

Have You Put Your Life On Hold?

COVID-19 Changed Everything With this pandemic, you might be feeling like you are in a holding pattern. Most of our regular routines have been disrupted. Many things we can no longer do and others like work and school have been totally changed. For your spouse, certain treatments or a planned surgery may also be onContinue reading “Have You Put Your Life On Hold?”

Being Present

Are you going through a particularly difficult time right now with your spouse’s cancer treatment? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about when it will be over and happy times will return again? Or perhaps you are reliving happy memories of the past, you know “BC” – before cancer. Sometimes it can feel like anyContinue reading “Being Present”

Your Relationship With Yourself

Self Neglect As a caretaker for someone with cancer, we spend a great deal of our time taking care of everything and everyone around us. Household chores, work, kids homework… the list is never ending.  We can feel exhausted, unhappy, and maybe even stuck. When this happens, its very easy to neglect ourselves. We startContinue reading “Your Relationship With Yourself”

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