If I Can Just Get Through This…

Banking On a Better Future Are you constantly delaying any feeling of happiness or joy till some future point? When this round of chemo is over, then it will be better. When he get’s home from the hospital, then I’ll be able to relax. If we can just make it through this year, then weContinue reading “If I Can Just Get Through This…”

What Other People Say

What other people say and do is about them. The way I see it and respond to it is about me. This is one of my favorite sayings. I’m not sure exactly who said it and it may be heavily paraphrased, but the meaning is clear.  Other people’s opinions are just that – their opinions. TheyContinue reading “What Other People Say”

Getting In Touch

Fear, Anger, Courage, Love, Responsibility, Pride, Confusion, Ambition, Confidence, Overwhelm What do all these feelings have in common? They are the reason behind everything we do and don’t do in our lives.  They are the reason we go for our dreams and also the reason we don’t.  They are what get us out of bedContinue reading “Getting In Touch”

Placing Boundaries Out Of Love

Never Ending Role of the Care Giver It is so easy to get caught up in care giving. We get so focused on the needs of everyone else, we loose sight of the care we need to take for ourselves. This might look like not taking the time to do your hair, or exercise, orContinue reading “Placing Boundaries Out Of Love”

All We Have To Fear Is Fear, Itself

Fear Once Served Us Fear is a very unpleasant emotion. Back in caveman times it kept us alive. Now, it just paralyzes us when we need to move forward most. When we make decisions and take actions from a place of fear, it usually feels terrible. Our actions may be frazzled or hurried, our decisionsContinue reading “All We Have To Fear Is Fear, Itself”

Resisting Your Life

Life now as a cancer caregiver… Is full of doctor appointments and medications… Helping your husband cope with terrible nausea… Scans and changing treatment schedules… You’ve stopped planning family trips and don’t even think much about the holidays except to wish you could enjoy them worry free like those around you. Everything in your lifeContinue reading “Resisting Your Life”

I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore

Fighting cancer is such a long road. As the caregiver, it requires a stamina we are rarely prepared for. There are so many ups and downs. One week your husband is doing fine and feeling better, the next week something comes up and you are back in the hospital getting more tests and more drugs.Continue reading “I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore”

What Relationship?

Cancer Changes Our Relationship When we become the primary caregiver for our husband, it changes our relationship with him. What started out as a partnership with give and take become one sided. It often feels like we do all the giving and they do all the taking. It’s not their fault. They are just noContinue reading “What Relationship?”

No Good Options

How to make decisions regarding our husband’s cancer treatment when there are no good options before us. As a cancer caregiver, you are constantly faced with decisions. This is just one of the many hats you wear. Having to always make decisions about what to do next can be exhausting. You probably feel tremendous pressureContinue reading “No Good Options”

Holiday Protocol

Oh, the holidays… During the holidays food seems to be everywhere. Its a season of parties and gatherings – work parties, invites from friends, and of course family gatherings. The holiday season can provide a perfect storm if you let it. Its a time of heightened emotion coupled with lots of food. The time betweenContinue reading “Holiday Protocol”

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