Our Brain In A Rut

We think we have no control over how we think and feel. Something bad happens, we feel bad. Something good happens, we feel good. When your husband got cancer, I’m sure a whole host of thoughts and feelings came up. Most of those were probably negative.  This sucks. Why us? I don’t want to goContinue reading “Our Brain In A Rut”

Cancer Is Neutral

Last week I talked about a concept we call The Model which shows the inter-relationship between what happens in our life which we call a circumstance and our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. circumstance – leads to thought > causes a feeling > drives an action = creates a result What Exactly Is A Circumstance?Continue reading “Cancer Is Neutral”

The Secret To The Universe?

We often feel we are at the effect of the world around us. But what if I told you that was not at all true…. Do you sometimes feel powerless? Like a victim? Like the world has conspired against you? Most people feel like that periodically, but when you are dealing with your loved one’sContinue reading “The Secret To The Universe?”

Family… They Are Driving Me Crazy!

You are so grateful your family is there for you and your husband while you deal with his cancer. But they are also driving you crazy! Family, God Bless ‘Em When dealing with our husband’s cancer, we often end up relying on our family more than we’ve ever needed to before. Having family to supportContinue reading “Family… They Are Driving Me Crazy!”

I’m So Over This!

Your husband may be the one with cancer, but you deserve love and compassion as well. You probably have an ideal image of how you should be as the wife of someone with cancer. It surely includes being strong, loving, caring, and understanding. The reality is that while you are all of those things, youContinue reading “I’m So Over This!”

Becoming The Observer Of Your Grief

We may think it is our husband’s cancer, his pain and suffering that are causing our emotions… but we are wrong! Overcome By Grief Have you ever been overcome by an emotion? Maybe you’ve cried so hard you couldn’t stop. Or were so angry you couldn’t see straight. Emotions can often overpower us. Grief, anger, sadnessContinue reading “Becoming The Observer Of Your Grief”

Medically Single?

Are you still married, but because of your husband’s cancer, its like you are a single parent? Single Working Parent… How Did This Happen? You’ve become a single parent, or at least that’s what it feels like. You are still married, but because of your husband’s cancer, for periods of time it’s like you areContinue reading “Medically Single?”

50/50 Life

Cancer will bring pain and misery, but accepting that this is just part of life’s contrast will bring us some peace. Expecting Life To Always Be Good Somehow we grow up expecting that we should always feel good.  Don’t cry, we are taught as kids. Or just “be happy.” However, this false narrative has setContinue reading “50/50 Life”

When Partner Becomes Patient

What Is A Marriage? When we get married we have ideas about how our married life will be. It may include romance, friendship, and partnership. We expect to share decisions, divide up chores, raise kids together, go on family trips, and take care of one another when we are sick. After several years of marriage,Continue reading “When Partner Becomes Patient”

Picking a Purpose

My coach, Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School has been having us work on finding our purpose this month. Not because we need a purpose to be better or more worthy, but simply because this is how we grow and make our lives interesting. I’ve learned that you don’t actually have to “find” yourContinue reading “Picking a Purpose”

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