No Wrong Decisions

How many times have you second-guessed yourself on a decision?  Or sat in indecisiveness for weeks because you were afraid of making the wrong decision? So instead you spent countless hours and mental energy debating the options. This is where my husband and I found ourselves recently. His cancer has progressed and it’s been clearContinue reading “No Wrong Decisions”

My Husband Has Cancer… So Why Am I So Mad At Him?

When your husband found out he had cancer, you were probably thrust into a caretaker role of some sort. You needed to take on more than you did before. You may have picked up some of his jobs while still doing your own tasks in the household.   This can be tiring and overwhelming. IfContinue reading “My Husband Has Cancer… So Why Am I So Mad At Him?”

Be Kind To Yourself

I use to b a person who lived by my TO DO list.  If I didn’t check enough things off, then I felt like I didn’t accomplish anything.  I made sure I worked out regularly, got enough sleep and ate healthy homemade meals. These things were important for my health and wellness, but I becameContinue reading “Be Kind To Yourself”

Asking For and Accepting Help

Facing difficult challenges There are times in our life when the challenges we face are too difficult.  We try to go it alone, but struggle under the weight of our problem. Facing a serious and life threatening disease is certainly one of the times.  Yet many of us find it difficult to reach out andContinue reading “Asking For and Accepting Help”

Going The Distance with Cancer

Cancer Is A Marathon Without A Set Finish line Dealing with cancer in your family is like running a marathon without knowing where the finish line is.  Most often there are no quick fixes and you are in it for the long haul.  From initial diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, all of it takes time. Continue reading “Going The Distance with Cancer”

What’s Your Story?

What is your life exactly? At this very moment while you are reading this, your life is simply made up of facts and your thoughts about them. Think of the facts as the type of data you would enter on a registration form.  Your age, marital status, place of employment, number of kids, income, etc. Continue reading “What’s Your Story?”

Pain: An Opportunity To Love

My husband and I were preparing for an early morning flight to Texas for our life coach training. We had just packed our suitcases and our daughter safely on her way to stay with my parents.  The house was cleaned up and ready for us to be gone for the week. Within minutes of usContinue reading “Pain: An Opportunity To Love”

Re-evaluating Your Stuff

Last week I talked about the need to re-decide what you want in your life.  When you add an additional stress in your life such as cancer, it’s important that you re-look at all aspects of your life and ensure they are still serving you. This week I want to follow up with a focusContinue reading “Re-evaluating Your Stuff”

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