When you have a partner with cancer, guilt is a feeling that often comes up. Feeling guilty for not doing enough, for thinking of yourself, the list can go own. Learn to recognize four patters of thinking that bring on guilty feelings. Then discover what to do when you are feeling this useless emotion.

Changing The Way You’ve Been

When our partner has cancer, it can act like a magnifier of all our strengths and weaknesses. We may find that now our anxiety which was always there, is now almost debilitating. In this post you’ll learn that you can unlearn these behaviors and practice new ways of being that will serve you during this difficult time as your partners caregiver.

Unconditional Love

Sometimes we find it hard to love the people in our life whose behavior is frustrating, aggravating, or even hurtful. Read on to see how feeling love is a choice we always have and how it benefits us when we choose to feel it.


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