How to Support Yourself as a Caregiver for a Spouse with Cancer

When you become a caregiver for a spouse with cancer, you automatically take on a new role–probably one you were not prepared for. In this role, you wear many hats, and you may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing much of the time. It’s easy to lose yourself and become completely consumed byContinue reading “How to Support Yourself as a Caregiver for a Spouse with Cancer”

Your Spouse was Just Diagnosed with Cancer, Now What?

You just received news that has completely changed your life. Your spouse was just diagnosed with cancer, now what? I remember the day vividly when I learned of my husband’s diagnosis. I had just returned home from a business trip, and as we drove back from the airport, he said, “Marika, there is something IContinue reading “Your Spouse was Just Diagnosed with Cancer, Now What?”

An Important Part Of Caregiving That Is Often Overlooked And How To Prioritize It

It’s often difficult to take care of our own health when our partner has cancer. However, self-care is critical for caregivers and this post shows you how to prioritize it.

The 4 Habits You Need When Your Partner Has Cancer

When are partner gets cancer and we become an unexpected caregiver, a lot of our old habits don’t serve us any longer. We need new skills, new habits to face this new challenge in our life. Learn the 4 key habits to build your resilience when your partner has cancer.

Busting Beliefs that Keep you Stuck — And Finding Acceptance when your Partner has Cancer

When our partner has cancer, sometimes we can develop beliefs that argue with the reality we face. This keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. Learn how to bust these beliefs so you can find acceptance when your partner has cancer.

Going The Distance with Your Partner’s Cancer – the Difference a Coach Makes

Looking Back at My Story in 2018 Does your partner’s cancer battle feel like a marathon? You want to go the distance with them, but it’s wearing you both down? (I wrote and published this post originally in June of 2018. My husband was still alive then and in the midst of his battle withContinue reading “Going The Distance with Your Partner’s Cancer – the Difference a Coach Makes”

How to Support a Spouse or Partner During Cancer Treatment by “Holding Space”

One of the most difficult parts of supporting a loved one with cancer is know what to do they are in pain. Often, you feel powerless to help. In this article, learn a simple technique that allows you to support them while also being calm and present.

3 Surprising Things That Waste Energy When You Are Caregiving

Your energy is precious, but especially when you are caregiving. You wouldn’t want to waste a drop, but if you are constantly exhausted, they you may be wasting your energy unknowingly. Read this post and learn the three ways caregivers often waste energy and what you can do about it!

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