You Cannot Give What You Don’t Have

Caregiving is giving. You give your love, your energy and time, and your strength and support. Most people want to do that for someone they care about. But it’s only sustainable when you are giving from abundance. You will know by how you feel. Read this post and learn why you cannot give what you don’t have.

The Cancer Journey for the Caregiver is Like Two Ships In The Same Storm

When you’re partner gets cancer it can feel like you’re are two ships at sea facing a storm together. While it’s very common for caregivers to want to abandon their own ship and help their partner steer, it ultimately not helpful for either of you.

Taking Responsibility For Our Decisions

Decisions Made For Us Our lives are full of choices and decisions. We are making them constantly. We decide what to buy at the store, what to make for dinner, what time to get up, what doctor to see. These are just some of the decisions we make consciously.  There are a lot of otherContinue reading “Taking Responsibility For Our Decisions”

Time: Making It Or Wasting It?

Time The one thing we all wish we had more of. It often seems like our time only decreases as we get older. When our husband has cancer, there is even more on our plate… more tasks and responsibilities demanding our time and attention. Our first response is just to add more to our list.Continue reading “Time: Making It Or Wasting It?”

What To Do When He’s In Pain

What They Are Going Through Cancer treatments are painful. Often more painful than the disease. Chemo and radiation are some of the most common treatments and while there are all sorts of variations, a lot of times these treatments can leave them feeling nauseous, bloated, and exhausted. They lose their hair, even their eyebrows! QuiteContinue reading “What To Do When He’s In Pain”

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