Three Pillars Of Resiliency

Today’s Challenges Collectively, it seems like we are faced with more daily challenges than we’re used to. The social and societal impacts of COVID 19 alone have added more stressors to everyone’s life. From kids navigating e-learning, parents schooling and working from home, limited available options for socializing, having to learn new tools to doContinue reading “Three Pillars Of Resiliency”

Why Resilience Is Important

The Human Struggle We all face hardships and adversity in our lives. It’s part of what we sign up for in our human experience. Some people grow and become stronger from their struggles, while others collapse and struggle to get fully back up. Lessons From My Grief Recovery Class When my husband passed away fromContinue reading “Why Resilience Is Important”

What Are The Facts?

Drowning In Your Thoughts Have you ever found your self spinning with the news from a recent doctor visit or test result? The doctor tells you your husband’s cancer has spread and you mind begins to spin… I don’t know how will we get through this! He might have to quite work… I’m so exhaustedContinue reading “What Are The Facts?”

What Other People Say

What other people say and do is about them. The way I see it and respond to it is about me. This is one of my favorite sayings. I’m not sure exactly who said it and it may be heavily paraphrased, but the meaning is clear.  Other people’s opinions are just that – their opinions. TheyContinue reading “What Other People Say”

This is my life?

How did my life end up like this?  This was not how it was supposed to go.  This should not have happened! Home Town Burned Down Recently my home town burned down. Quite literally. The Camp Fire destroyed my parents home, my sister’s home and countless other homes of friends and family members. A townContinue reading “This is my life?”

Cancer Is Neutral

Last week I talked about a concept we call The Model which shows the inter-relationship between what happens in our life which we call a circumstance and our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. circumstance – leads to thought > causes a feeling > drives an action = creates a result What Exactly Is A Circumstance?Continue reading “Cancer Is Neutral”

When Partner Becomes Patient

What Is A Marriage? When we get married we have ideas about how our married life will be. It may include romance, friendship, and partnership. We expect to share decisions, divide up chores, raise kids together, go on family trips, and take care of one another when we are sick. After several years of marriage,Continue reading “When Partner Becomes Patient”

What’s Your Story?

What is your life exactly? At this very moment while you are reading this, your life is simply made up of facts and your thoughts about them. Think of the facts as the type of data you would enter on a registration form.  Your age, marital status, place of employment, number of kids, income, etc. Continue reading “What’s Your Story?”

Cancer as a Circumstance

What exactly is a circumstance?  Here is the definition I found on Google: circumstance: a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action Is your husband’s cancer a circumstance?  Look at the definition above and really think about it. I’m guessing that a variation of one of these thoughts came up: OfContinue reading “Cancer as a Circumstance”

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