Feeling Powerless

As a caregiver of someone with cancer, there are so many times we feel powerless. Sometimes it’s when they’re in pain from a recent treatment and there is nothing we can do to make it better. Sometimes it’s seeing the fear and anxiety on their face after hearing the results of a test or aContinue reading “Feeling Powerless”


When your spouse has cancer it seems like life starts to revolve all around them. Conversations become about treatment and doctors appointments, new research and trials. Daily life is centered around how they are feeling that day, what they need help with or can’t do. The future becomes about them too. It becomes limited byContinue reading “Resentment”

Feeling Unappreciated

“I just want him to appreciate me.” Seems like such an innocent and even a reasonable thought. You work so hard and handle so much. Sometimes you just wish your spouse would acknowledge all that you’re doing for him and your family. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated!  Other People Perhaps it’s not yourContinue reading “Feeling Unappreciated”

Stressing In Advance

Excessive Worry About Something Before It Happens We are all well familiar with stress. It is part of modern life. This is why most of us are seeking to have less stress in our lives. That elusive quest… Stressing Before It Actually Happens What about when we are stressed out in advance of difficult circumstances?Continue reading “Stressing In Advance”

Can’t Attend His Appointments Anymore

A Way I Could Support Him Attending doctor appointments with my husband was always important to me. My husband was never good at relaying what the doctor had said. Sometimes I think he had a hard time focusing because often the news was emotion provoking for him. I needed to be there to ask questionsContinue reading “Can’t Attend His Appointments Anymore”

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