I’m So Alone…

The Beliefs That Don’t Serve Us Sometime during the caregiving process, we begin to have recurring thoughts. Thoughts that feel terrible. We start thinking things like: This will never end. I can’t keep doing this.  I’m so alone. It’s not fair.  I have to take care of everything. It’s too much. It happens subtly, andContinue reading “I’m So Alone…”

YOU, And The Perfect You

The Perfect You We all have this idea about the perfect version of ourselves. The person we think we should be. It probably includes things like: I should always be polite. I should always be caring to those I love. I should never lose my temper. I should not feel sorry for myself.  I shouldContinue reading “YOU, And The Perfect You”

I’m Afraid I Won’t Know What To Do!

Dealing With A Crisis When Your Spouse Has Cancer It’s Up To You You are your spouse’s primary caregiver. You are not a doctor. Yet, you probably feel like you are charged with his well being. If something goes wrong, it will be up to you to handle it. If he has had cancer forContinue reading “I’m Afraid I Won’t Know What To Do!”

His Difficult Behavior

Problems In Your Marriage  If you have been in your marriage for any length of time, there are areas of your relationship you probably find challenging. Even very good and solid relationships have problem areas. That is normal because we are all human with our own thoughts and opinions. Of course no two people getContinue reading “His Difficult Behavior”

Caregiving & Negative Thoughts…

Have you found yourself thinking any thoughts like these? This sucks!  He is so difficult sometimes! I want my life back… is that selfish of me? I have no time for myself… How We React To Our Negative Thoughts Usually when we have these types of negative thoughts we respond in a couple different ways. Continue reading “Caregiving & Negative Thoughts…”

Your Relationship With Yourself

Self Neglect As a caretaker for someone with cancer, we spend a great deal of our time taking care of everything and everyone around us. Household chores, work, kids homework… the list is never ending.  We can feel exhausted, unhappy, and maybe even stuck. When this happens, its very easy to neglect ourselves. We startContinue reading “Your Relationship With Yourself”

If I Can Just Get Through This…

Banking On a Better Future Are you constantly delaying any feeling of happiness or joy till some future point? When this round of chemo is over, then it will be better. When he get’s home from the hospital, then I’ll be able to relax. If we can just make it through this year, then weContinue reading “If I Can Just Get Through This…”

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