Introducing Caregiver Tip Videos!

Caregivers! I am excited to introduce my new Caregiver Tip videos! Each video is short, between 5-10 minutes, and designed to give you a quick tip or insight that you can incorporate right away. Check out this week’s Caregiver Tip video entitled All or Nothing Thinking. If you enjoy and get a lot of valueContinue reading “Introducing Caregiver Tip Videos!”

Coaching or Therapy: How to Know What’s Right For You as a Caregiver

Your partner has cancer and you realize you need some support too. Who do you see, a therapist or a coach? This post talks about the similarities and differences between the two and how to choose what’s right for you.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Have A Partner With Cancer

When you have a partner with cancer it’s hard to see outside of yourself. But there are things you might be doing that are making your life more difficult. This post shares the 3 most common mistakes caregivers make, why they are a problem and what you can do about them.

How To Handle An Unknown Future

When cancer enters our life, all of a sudden all of our plans are thrown out the window. We enter this world of permanent uncertainty. We can’t even make new plans. That would mean we know how our husband would be doing in 3 weeks. We don’t even know how he’ll be doing in 3Continue reading “How To Handle An Unknown Future”

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