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How I Help YOU Build Your Resiliency

I work with my clients in the following three areas to develop their resiliency.

Mental Resilience: Building mental resilience is a critical component to taking back control over your life, even when your partner has cancer.  How you think about yourself and the world around you literally determines how you feel. It can be very easy to fall into depression and despair when you are facing your loved one’s cancer. However, when you learn to become aware of your thinking and uncover the thought errors that are keeping you stuck, you gain authority over your outlook on the world. You learn to see how there can be love and peace even in the most difficult of circumstances. You learn that while you may not control the destination, you are in charge of how this journey goes.

Emotional Capacity: One of the realities you face with your loved one’s cancer is that you will be on a seemingly constant roller coaster of emotions. This alone can be overwhelming and exhausting if you don’t have the capacity to process these emotions as they come. Processing our emotions is not a skill most of us were taught. That is why learning to grow your emotional intelligence and increase your capacity to handle all these emotions without reacting to them or stuffing them down are key skills to building your resilience. When you learn these skills, you will get some of your energy back and will be able to be calm and present even in the most difficult of times.

Caregiver Skill Set: When you are in this role of caregiving for your spouse, you end up taking on a lot of other tasks and roles. This can feel overwhelming and exhausting if you don’t have the skillset to handle this increase in tasks and shifts in responsibilities. When you learn how to make decisions with confidence, how to make the most of your time, how to allow for self-care, and how to define your role according to your values and priorities, you will have the confidence to know you can handle whatever the future holds.

An empty lantern provides no light.

Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.


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