All We Have To Fear Is Fear, Itself

Fear Once Served Us Fear is a very unpleasant emotion. Back in caveman times it kept us alive. Now, it just paralyzes us when we need to move forward most. When we make decisions and take actions from a place of fear, it usually feels terrible. Our actions may be frazzled or hurried, our decisionsContinue reading “All We Have To Fear Is Fear, Itself”

No Good Options

How to make decisions regarding our husband’s cancer treatment when there are no good options before us. As a cancer caregiver, you are constantly faced with decisions. This is just one of the many hats you wear. Having to always make decisions about what to do next can be exhausting. You probably feel tremendous pressureContinue reading “No Good Options”

How To Get What You Really Want

We all want better results in our lives. We want more money, better body, better health, better job. How do we get these things? The answer to that question is often a list of actions. Want more money? Save more. Want a better body? Eat healthy and work out. Want better health? Take better careContinue reading “How To Get What You Really Want”

How To Stop Putting Things Off

How we get everything in life is by the actions we take. How do we get ourselves then to take the right actions? Is there something you’ve been putting off? paying bills calling the insurance company scheduling a doctor appointment Or maybe there are things you are doing but would like to stop. drinking aContinue reading “How To Stop Putting Things Off”

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