When your spouse has cancer it seems like life starts to revolve all around them. Conversations become about treatment and doctors appointments, new research and trials. Daily life is centered around how they are feeling that day, what they need help with or can’t do. The future becomes about them too. It becomes limited byContinue reading “Resentment”

What Are The Facts?

Drowning In Your Thoughts Have you ever found your self spinning with the news from a recent doctor visit or test result? The doctor tells you your husband’s cancer has spread and you mind begins to spin… I don’t know how will we get through this! He might have to quite work… I’m so exhaustedContinue reading “What Are The Facts?”

All We Have To Fear Is Fear, Itself

Fear Once Served Us Fear is a very unpleasant emotion. Back in caveman times it kept us alive. Now, it just paralyzes us when we need to move forward most. When we make decisions and take actions from a place of fear, it usually feels terrible. Our actions may be frazzled or hurried, our decisionsContinue reading “All We Have To Fear Is Fear, Itself”

Resisting Your Life

Life now as a cancer caregiver… Is full of doctor appointments and medications… Helping your partner cope with terrible nausea… Scans and changing treatment schedules… You’ve stopped planning family trips and don’t even think much about the holidays except to wish you could enjoy them worry free like those around you. Everything in your lifeContinue reading “Resisting Your Life”

What Relationship?

Cancer Changes Our Relationship When we become the primary caregiver for our husband, it changes our relationship with him. What started out as a partnership with give and take become one sided. It often feels like we do all the giving and they do all the taking. It’s not their fault. They are just noContinue reading “What Relationship?”

No Good Options

How to make decisions regarding our husband’s cancer treatment when there are no good options before us. As a cancer caregiver, you are constantly faced with decisions. This is just one of the many hats you wear. Having to always make decisions about what to do next can be exhausting. You probably feel tremendous pressureContinue reading “No Good Options”

This is my life?

How did my life end up like this?  This was not how it was supposed to go.  This should not have happened! Home Town Burned Down Recently my home town burned down. Quite literally. The Camp Fire destroyed my parents home, my sister’s home and countless other homes of friends and family members. A townContinue reading “This is my life?”

Intentional Thanksgiving

Holidays can be tough even in the best of times…. It’s a time when we break from our normal routine. We have expectations that everything will be great and often forget the family tensions that commonly arise. We look forward to having permission to stuff our face with our favorite foods, but forget the painContinue reading “Intentional Thanksgiving”

A Brighter Future

The future only exists in our minds. So why do we often imagine the worst? When you are in the thick of it with your husband and cancer, it’s so difficult to even think about the future. The only future in your mind is just the next treatment date, the next chemo session, or theContinue reading “A Brighter Future”

Busy Is A Bad Habit

What did you do the last time you had a few moments to breath? Were you present or did you try to numb out with food, alcohol or TV? As a cancer caregiver, it is really easy to get lost in our TO DO list. There is never something that doesn’t need doing. work, taking careContinue reading “Busy Is A Bad Habit”

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