Busy Is A Bad Habit

What did you do the last time you had a few moments to breath? Were you present or did you try to numb out with food, alcohol or TV? As a cancer caregiver, it is really easy to get lost in our TO DO list. There is never something that doesn’t need doing. work, taking careContinue reading “Busy Is A Bad Habit”

Waking Up To My Life

Some days do you wake up thinking how did I get here? I just watched a sweet movie where two middle aged characters strike up a friendship and connect over how they each feel they have wasted the last 15 years of their life. They had gone numb and were hiding from their life andContinue reading “Waking Up To My Life”


Emotions are what make us human. They give us the great experiences of life. There is nothing like the pride you feel with a job well done. Or the sadness at the suffering of a loved one. The joy of seeing your child overcome an obstacle. The anger you feel at witnessing injustice. The greatContinue reading “Feelings…”

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