The 4 Habits You Need When Your Partner Has Cancer

When are partner gets cancer and we become an unexpected caregiver, a lot of our old habits don’t serve us any longer. We need new skills, new habits to face this new challenge in our life. Learn the 4 key habits to build your resilience when your partner has cancer.

5 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals For Yourself Even If You Are Caregiving

Do you think that because you are caregiving, you need to put your life on hold? Don’t fall into this type of thinking! This post will give you 5 reasons you need to set goals for yourself as a caregiver.

Can You Be Happy While Someone You Love Isn’t?

Sometimes we are happy when his is sad. Or vice versa. It can feel very unsettling, especially when one person is fighting cancer. Self judgement and “acting” happy are not the answer. You can be honest with yourself and your partner about how you feel.

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