Our Brain In A Rut

We think we have no control over how we think and feel. Something bad happens, we feel bad. Something good happens, we feel good. When your husband got cancer, I’m sure a whole host of thoughts and feelings came up. Most of those were probably negative.  This sucks. Why us? I don’t want to goContinue reading “Our Brain In A Rut”

The Secret To The Universe?

We often feel we are at the effect of the world around us. But what if I told you that was not at all true…. Do you sometimes feel powerless? Like a victim? Like the world has conspired against you? Most people feel like that periodically, but when you are dealing with your loved one’sContinue reading “The Secret To The Universe?”

How to leave the oncologist’s office feeling determined instead of hopeless

Are your husband’s doctor’s appointments preceded by days of feeling a combination of emotions from anxiety to dread to hopefulness? Do you often feel powerless and are both fearful and hopeful for whatever you might be told?   The first appointment my husband had after we learned his cancer had metastasized I remember feeling anxietyContinue reading “How to leave the oncologist’s office feeling determined instead of hopeless”

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