Getting In Touch

Fear, Anger, Courage, Love, Responsibility, Pride, Confusion, Ambition, Confidence, Overwhelm What do all these feelings have in common? They are the reason behind everything we do and don’t do in our lives.  They are the reason we go for our dreams and also the reason we don’t.  They are what get us out of bedContinue reading “Getting In Touch”

Busy Is A Bad Habit

What did you do the last time you had a few moments to breath? Were you present or did you try to numb out with food, alcohol or TV? As a cancer caregiver, it is really easy to get lost in our TO DO list. There is never something that doesn’t need doing. work, taking careContinue reading “Busy Is A Bad Habit”

Cancer Is Neutral

Last week I talked about a concept we call The Model which shows the inter-relationship between what happens in our life which we call a circumstance and our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. circumstance – leads to thought > causes a feeling > drives an action = creates a result What Exactly Is A Circumstance?Continue reading “Cancer Is Neutral”

The Secret To The Universe?

We often feel we are at the effect of the world around us. But what if I told you that was not at all true…. Do you sometimes feel powerless? Like a victim? Like the world has conspired against you? Most people feel like that periodically, but when you are dealing with your loved one’sContinue reading “The Secret To The Universe?”

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