Resisting Your Life When Your Partner Has Cancer

Life now as a cancer caregiver… Is full of doctor appointments and medications… Helping your partner cope with terrible nausea… Scans and changing treatment schedules… You’ve stopped planning family trips and don’t even think much about the holidays except to wish you could enjoy them worry free like those around you. Everything in your lifeContinue reading “Resisting Your Life When Your Partner Has Cancer”

Holiday Protocol

Oh, the holidays… During the holidays food seems to be everywhere. It’s a season of parties and gatherings – work parties, invites from friends, and of course family gatherings. The holiday season can provide a perfect storm if you let it. It’s a time of heightened emotion coupled with lots of food. The time betweenContinue reading “Holiday Protocol”

Intentional Thanksgiving

Holidays can be tough even in the best of times…. It’s a time when we break from our normal routine. We have expectations that everything will be great and often forget the family tensions that commonly arise. We look forward to having permission to stuff our face with our favorite foods, but forget the painContinue reading “Intentional Thanksgiving”

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