How to Deal with Caregiver Resentment

When your spouse has a serious illness like cancer it seems like life starts to revolve around them. Conversations become about treatment and doctors’ appointments, new research, and trials. Daily life is centered around how they are feeling that day and what they need help with. The future becomes about them too. It becomes limitedContinue reading “How to Deal with Caregiver Resentment”

Busting Beliefs that Keep you Stuck — And Finding Acceptance when your Partner has Cancer

When our partner has cancer, sometimes we can develop beliefs that argue with the reality we face. This keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. Learn how to bust these beliefs so you can find acceptance when your partner has cancer.

How to Support a Spouse or Partner During Cancer Treatment by “Holding Space”

One of the most difficult parts of supporting a loved one with cancer is know what to do they are in pain. Often, you feel powerless to help. In this article, learn a simple technique that allows you to support them while also being calm and present.

Facing an Uncertain Future? Tips for Coping When Your Partner Has Cancer

Facing an uncertain future when your partner has cancer can be challenging. Here are 3 tips for how to make friends with uncertainty.

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