What Are The Facts?

Drowning In Your Thoughts Have you ever found your self spinning with the news from a recent doctor visit or test result? The doctor tells you your husband’s cancer has spread and you mind begins to spin… I don’t know how will we get through this! He might have to quite work… I’m so exhaustedContinue reading “What Are The Facts?”

I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore

Fighting cancer is such a long road. As the caregiver, it requires a stamina we are rarely prepared for. There are so many ups and downs. One week your husband is doing fine and feeling better, the next week something comes up and you are back in the hospital getting more tests and more drugs.Continue reading “I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore”

Waking Up To My Life

Some days do you wake up thinking how did I get here? I just watched a sweet movie where two middle aged characters strike up a friendship and connect over how they each feel they have wasted the last 15 years of their life. They had gone numb and were hiding from their life andContinue reading “Waking Up To My Life”

How To Get What You Really Want

We all want better results in our lives. We want more money, better body, better health, better job. How do we get these things? The answer to that question is often a list of actions. Want more money? Save more. Want a better body? Eat healthy and work out. Want better health? Take better careContinue reading “How To Get What You Really Want”

Our Brain In A Rut

We think we have no control over how we think and feel. Something bad happens, we feel bad. Something good happens, we feel good. When your husband got cancer, I’m sure a whole host of thoughts and feelings came up. Most of those were probably negative.  This sucks. Why us? I don’t want to goContinue reading “Our Brain In A Rut”

Cancer Is Neutral

Last week I talked about a concept we call The Model which shows the inter-relationship between what happens in our life which we call a circumstance and our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. circumstance – leads to thought > causes a feeling > drives an action = creates a result What Exactly Is A Circumstance?Continue reading “Cancer Is Neutral”

The Secret To The Universe?

We often feel we are at the effect of the world around us. But what if I told you that was not at all true…. Do you sometimes feel powerless? Like a victim? Like the world has conspired against you? Most people feel like that periodically, but when you are dealing with your loved one’sContinue reading “The Secret To The Universe?”

I’m So Over This!

Your husband may be the one with cancer, but you deserve love and compassion as well. You probably have an ideal image of how you should be as the wife of someone with cancer. It surely includes being strong, loving, caring, and understanding. The reality is that while you are all of those things, youContinue reading “I’m So Over This!”

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