Caregiver Tip Videos

This series of videos is aimed at helping YOU, the caregiver, become stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Most videos are between 5-10 minutes and will give you a valuable tip that you can incorporate in your life right away.

Start becoming more resilient today!

Featured Caregiver Tip Video

As a caregiver, you are often giving…. giving of your time, your energy, your strength, your support, and your love. It’s easy to fall into the mode of give, give, give…​Most of you do this willingly as you understand that your partner needs this right now.​…until it feels like you might run dry. ​That’s because the normal give and take in any relationship can get skewed when your partner has cancer and over time, you end up trying to give what you no longer have. ​You will know when this happens because giving no longer feels good. Instead, you start to feel depleted, drained, and even resentful.

Don’t worry, these are just signs that you need to take care of YOU before you can give anymore.

​In this video, I talk about the difference between giving from abundance and giving from lack so you can be on the lookout for the signs and know when it’s time to take care of yourself.

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