Caregiver Tip Videos

This series of videos is aimed at helping YOU, the caregiver, become stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Most videos are between 5-10 minutes and will give you a valuable tip that you can incorporate in your life right away.

Start becoming more resilient today!

Featured Caregiver Tip Video

Pre-traumatic Stress

Do you ever find yourself really stressing out before something has even happened? You are anticipating the worst and you can’t stop thinking about it!

That is called pre-traumtic stress my friend! And it is something those who are caring for their partner can experience often.

Pre-traumatic stress is when we have anxiety before an event has even occurred. This is a very real thing and not at all good for your mental health.

In this Caregiver Tip video I’m going to share with you how to recognize pre-traumatic stress and 4 simple steps you can take if you are experiencing it.

Watch this video and learn:
🧠  What pre-traumatic stress is
🧠  What it may look like for a caregiver 
🧠  What to do if you are experiencing it


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3 MYTHS ABOUT SELF-CRITICISM: We think that when we are hard on ourself, it will make us better. In fact, this never works. In this video you’ll learn about the common myths about self-criticism.
MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN YOUR PARTNER HAS CANCER: In this video, you learn the common mistakes caregivers make and how to avoid them!

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