Caregiver Tip Videos

This series of videos is aimed at helping YOU, the caregiver, become stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Most videos are between 5-10 minutes and will give you a valuable tip that you can incorporate in your life right away.

Start becoming more resilient today!

Featured Caregiver Tip Video

Getting Unstuck and Finding Acceptance

Do you ever wish things were different? Do you wish that you didn’t have to see your partner in pain or that you could think of the future without a flood of anxiety coursing through your body?  

Despite how it may seem, the frustration and anxiety you feel is not caused by the fact that your partner has cancer, or seeing them in pain, or your uncertain future. It’s caused by your belief that it should be different. Wanting things to be different than they are is the belief that keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. 

In this Caregiver Tip video I’m going to share with you five simple steps you can use to get unstuck in this area. If you have any belief that something should be different than it is, then you need to watch this video!

Watch Getting Unstuck and Finding Acceptance and learn:
🧠  What a belief actually is
🧠  Why our beliefs sometimes keep us stuck 
🧠  How to question our beliefs
🧠  How to understand how this belief is really impacting you 
🧠  How to use your imagination to see a different reality
🧠  How to choose a better belief and start believing it

Check out my blog post in Brainz Magazine on this same topic to learn more:
Busting Beliefs that Keep You Stuck and Finding Acceptance When Your Partner Has Cancer

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