When you are caring for your partner

Your partner’s illness has a big impact on YOU too…

You’ve always been smart and capable, but your partner’s illness is taking a toll.

  • You’re worried about the future.
  • You feel helpless when they are in pain.
  • You’re overwhelmed and exhausted from the roller coaster of emotions.
  • You don’t know if you can keep going like this…!

Whether its a new diagnosis for your partner, a reoccurrence, or even terminal, I help YOU build your resilience so you feel back in control again!

I’m Marika Humphreys and I help strong, capable people who feel like their partner’s illness has thrown them for a loop, regain their strength and get back in control of their life again so they can be the rock they want to be for their partner and themselves!

I’m in your corner, so you can be in theirs!

Resilient Mindset

Uncover what you are really struggling with and learn to shift your mindset so you can be strong when you need to be.

Increased Emotional Capacity

Lear how to be in charge of your emotions instead of them being in charge of you!

Strong Self Confidence

Learn how to make decisions with confidence, manage your time and take care of your self so you have the energy and confidence to handle what ever the future holds.

Resiliency: capacity to recover quickly and “bounce back” from difficulties

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.


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